The application consists of an online form (below), a *refundable $100 application fee, and the submission of supplemental documents. To begin your application, complete the online portion below. (After completing the online portion, you will be able to pay your $100 application fee if you wish, but the application fee is not due at this time. Once we receive your online form, you will receive an email with instructions on completing and submitting the supplemental documents. The supplemental documents include instructions for submitting items including official transcripts, recommendation letter, advisor approval, $100 application fee payment, passport requirements, and any other items for your specific program.

*The $100 application fee is fully refundable up until the date the student receives their official program acceptance. On the date of official acceptance, the application fee is no longer refundable. (If a student is not accepted, the $100 application fee will be refunded.) The $100 application fee applies towards the total program fee.

If you require additional information please get in touch with us.

Personal Information

Program Selection

* I understand that I must arrive on the official arrival date of my program and move out of the program housing on the official departure date, and that I will receive the specific time frames for my arrival and departure upon acceptance.

Current Academic Profile

This is not an extra fee. The $100 registration fee will be deducted from the full program fee.