Internship in Valencia – Year Round

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and is located on the Mediterranean Sea. Founded over two thousand years ago, this city is a mix of the old and…




6 Weeks in Advance of Internship Start Date








What’s included

⦁ Pre-Departure Orientation including Internship Goal-Setting
⦁ Visa & Immigration Advising and support
⦁ Financial Advising
⦁ On-site Orientation
⦁ Welcome Dinner
⦁ Housing
⦁ Airport Pick-up
⦁ On-site Staff Support
⦁ Regular feedback meetings with EZC Study Abroad representative to track internship goals progress

⦁ 24/7 Emergency Assistance
⦁ General Assistance and Travel Support
⦁ Farewell Event
⦁ Volunteer Opportunities
⦁ Excursions and field trips
⦁ Health and Safety support
Advantage – Access to EZC’s Exclusive Program for returning students including free webinars, online resources and more focused on how to use your experience abroad to further your career development in the future

Why Valencia?

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain and is located on the Mediterranean Sea. Founded over two thousand years ago, this city is a mix of the old and the new, high paced and laid back, making it the perfect place to carry out a professional internship!

Living in Valencia is much easier than Barcelona or Madrid as it’s a geographically small city. Most places are within walking distance and there is a great transport network with underground rail and buses. Valencia is also connected to other top Spanish destinations, such as Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville, via a high speed railway!

Valencia is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe, a relaxed coastal town vibe with all the amenities of a large city. Its vibrant locals embrace life and are often out until late in the evening and early morning. With a Mediterranean climate, Valencia has mild winters and long, hot summers! It’s famous for being a cultural city with strong influences in science, education, business and the arts.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience life in one of Spain’s most authentic cities!



Minimum GPA: n/a

The expert team of advisors at EZC Study Abroad will work with you to clearly define your objectives for your internship. The internship can be based on your chosen field of study but can also be in a different field if you wish to explore this.

EZC Study Abroad has a number of regular host companies that we work with on an ongoing basis and we also source new host companies based on a student’s requirements.

An EZC Study Abroad advisor on the ground in Ireland will hold regular meetings with you (every 2 weeks) to obtain feedback on your internship progress. Meetings will also be held with your supervisor at the host company.

This is a non-credit based internship but credit may be applied by speaking to your home institution beforehand.


Your social and residential experience abroad is just as important as your internship. We understand that to make the most of your short time in residence it is important that you take every opportunity to meet and live with others, we will encourage you to integrate with other international and Irish students and interns.

As an EZC Student you have the option to live in self-catering house-share accommodation operated by our sister company EazyCity. We have several properties in Valencia city center and you will share with other international students, interns or professionals.


  • Shared bedroom: sharing with one other person of same gender  *Private bedroom option also available
  • Kitchen/living areas are shared with a maximum of 4 others

  • While some apartments are equipped with shared bathrooms, apartment residences with en-suite facilities for those who wish to have their own private toilet/shower are available at a supplement

  • Fully furnished kitchen, a comfortable lounge area, heating, television, laundry facilities and internet access

  • EazyCity offers a 24 hour emergency phone number and a full maintenance service

Life in Valencia

Living in Valencia offers a host of benefits: good weather, lively atmosphere, it’s on the coast, and best of all, you save a lot more for your money comparing to life in a larger city.

Madrid and Barcelona are big places, and as anyone who has lived in a big city knows, travelling even to meet friends means catching the subway or the bus for a long trip across the city. Living in Valencia is much easier as it’s a geographically small city. Most places are within walking distance and there is a great transport network with underground rail and buses everywhere

Valencia has everything you need without the stress of big city life!

In the center of Valencia everyone speaks Castilian, so it’s a great place to study Spanish. The accent is neutral and there are many language academies for expats that want to spend some time in Spain and learn Spanish. One of the best things about living in Valencia is that the language is clear and it’s easy to learn.

Valencia has great museums such as the City of Arts and Science, one of the best universities in the country, financial districts, business centers and super-fast internet.

The Las Fallas festival is an undiscovered week of mayhem, a whole week is a festival of fireworks (some of the best in the world), the infamous Mascleta, The Fallas statues are enormous (10-15 metres high) artworks which on the final day are burnt to the ground in the Cremà. If you love culture and want to see Spain at its best, check out this festival!


Our experienced team will provide you with the best pre-departure advice and assistance as well as support on-site which is second to none. We understand that this may be the first time for you to travel outside of your home country; you can be assured that our EZC on site staff will be on hand to make the transition from home a smooth experience to allow you to get the most from this life-changing opportunity. At EZC we also focus on making the most of your Intern Abroad experience once you have returned with a series of free webinars and online resources to help you understand how promoting this experience can help in your future career path.

Julia Lynes
Director, EZC Study Abroad
Nicoletta Marchionne
International Programs Co-Ordinator, EazyCity

EZC team members are available to you at all times through a 24/7 emergency phone number. They will run the unique Live Life Abroad program, lead excursions, assist with housing and provide full support during the internship process.


Internship Dates8 weeks starting any Monday throughout the year excluding holidays.
Application Due Date6 Weeks prior to internship start date
Final Forms & Payments Due2 Weeks Prior to Internship Start Date
Admissions StatusCurrently Accepting Applications
Optional Social & Cultural Activities Package available as an add-onOptional Social & Cultural Activities Package available as an add-on Includes 2 x day trips to Cuenca, Alicante; 2-4 evening social activities e.g. Traditional Spanish Music/Dancing, Cooking classes, Sports Activities, Historical Walking Tour, Cultural Festival Events and more; and opportunities for volunteering and social engagement. All activities are attended by an EZC Study Abroad representative and are organized with others students/interns where possible to encourage networking and making new social contacts.
Price Add-On$850

PLEASE NOTE: Private bedroom option is available and the total program price will be $4,750 in this case.

Extra Costs & Living Expenses

At EZC Study Abroad we want you to be fully prepared so here below we have outlined any extra costs and estimated living expenses per semester.

Housing Security Deposit (refundable upon departure) – €200 approx.

Clothes, Laundry etc – €250

Food – €550

Personal Travel within Ireland – €250