Covid-19 Coronavirus Travel Advisory

EZC summer internship programs in Ireland, Italy & Spain have been cancelled for summer 2020 due to the travel restrictions & health and safety risks posed by the current covid-19 global pandemic. We are monitoring the situation as it continues to unfold and as countries start to come out of lockdown. Our Fall programs are […]
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Ten Ways to Help Fund Your Intern/Study Abroad Program

Interning or studying abroad does not need to be out of reach. There are many ways (some more creative than others) to help fund your program! And while it is common that most students will still need to pay some money out of pocket to go abroad, most study and intern alumni will tell you […]
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Staying Healthy While Studying or Interning Abroad

When I went abroad, I had many questions about health abroad. What if I got sick? How would I find an English-speaking doctor? Would insurance cover it? What is medical care abroad really like? It is good to ask these questions when considering going abroad! Your health is nothing to mess around with. And while […]
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