Apply Externship Application

Now to the fun part – showing us what you can do!

Submission Theme: “I leave tomorrow!” Create content sharing your experience as if you will be departing for your program tomorrow. Use your imagination! Try to convey the five senses with your content. Let us feel your emotions along with you! (You haven’t left yet, so we realize you are hypothesizing.) We are more interested in how you communicate rather than what you communicate. Be sure you read over the Participant Agreement to ensure your content does not violate program rules or expectations!

  • Photographers – Submit five photos that you feel communicate the prompt. Please include a variety of photo styles. (For example, do not submit all selfies.) Be creative, but be sure at least two photos do not have any filters, photoshopping, or any type of editing. #Nofilter are the best photos!
  • Videographers – Submit a short video (approx. one minute long) communicating the prompt. While you might be speaking directly to the camera for some of your video, at least half of the video should contain images (your own), videos you took, or other creative elements.
  • Bloggers – Submit a blog entry (may include videos or photos if you choose – give credit where it’s due) that communicates the prompt. Entries should be at least two paragraphs long. Remember, grammar and spelling matter in a blog! Show us your creative writing skills! The writing must be fully your own!

* Accet file: doc, docx, pdf, jpg, png, jpeg | Limit size 2MB per file
If you want upload more file you can do it: Windows: Ctrl + Click , Mac: Cmd + Click