Who Are We?

At EZC Study Abroad, we take a slightly different focus towards your international experience. We believe the best international experiences are those that directly assist students in discovering their future career and allow students to engage with the work world and their foreign surroundings in a meaningful way. 

How do we do this?

  • We are invested in each individual student’s career and personal growth. Each student’s program is designed around their individual academic and career goals, including exposure to professionals and/or companies in their field of interest.
  • We offer individualized advising prior to departure with the understanding that students come from all backgrounds and have different advising needs. We expect to get to know each student and expect to answer (a lot of) student and parent questions.
  • Most of our programs are in smaller city destinations. Our excursions and site visits focus on engagement with the local community and surrounding environment. This provides students a more hands-on learning experience.
  • Founded and owned by Europeans, we utilize our own strong networks for matching students with the best internships and career exploration meetings.
  • Students will communicate with our American staff prior to departure and with our on-site, full-time, local staff while abroad.

EZC Study Abroad is a sister organization of EazyCity which was founded in Ireland in 2004 by co-founders Julia Lynes and Enrico Zoppi. 

For almost 20 years now we have worked to create opportunities for young people to move abroad for education and career development opportunities. We are fiercely passionate about young people experiencing life abroad and we strive to offer only programs which add real value. 

With our own teams on the ground in various locations across Europe we focus on offering programs only where we can truly offer an authentic, local experience. We use our strong network of contacts across academia, business, sport and other industries to create up-to-date programs with high quality health and safety standards.

A message from our Founder & CEO, Julia Lynes:

“As a young Irish student I had the opportunity to study abroad in France and later to intern in Germany as well as spending a summer season working in Scotland. These experiences abroad ignited my passion and I wanted everyone to have the best experiences like I had! In growing EazyCity over the past 15 years we have become part of thousands of people’s journeys and it’s always a privilege.

EZC Study Abroad brings our offering to the United States. We are very excited about creating life changing experiences abroad for American students. “

Julia Lynes