University Relations

The EZC Experience

At EZC, we strive to make it easy for students to intern and study abroad on a highly personalized program. We do this through cost-efficient program fees, personalized advising, and a unique program format that takes into account each student’s career goals. 

Small and Focused: We offer programming in 3 countries: Ireland, Spain, and Italy. We have our own EZC team based in these countries year-round. Choosing to offer our programs in only 3 countries has allowed us to develop a deep knowledge of each location, a strong network within the communities our programs take place in and an authentic understanding of each culture. 

Cost-efficient Program Fees: We believe having an immersive, meaningful experience abroad should be available to all. We are dedicated to maintaining our program fees as low as possible without sacrificing quality, safety, and immersion experiences. While we offer some exciting excursions in our standard programs, we make these optional in order to maintain a lower program fee for all, giving students more say over where their money goes.

Personalized Advising: Each student works with an advisor while in the USA, and each student has an assigned on-site advisor while abroad. We are on a first name basis with all our students (no student ID numbers), and we tailor our advising to each individual’s needs. For example, our pre-departure orientation is a personal video call with the student’s EZC advisor, where students (and parents) can ask questions and gain information that are relevant to the student’s individual program, travel experience, and personal situations.

Unique & Flexible Programs: Students on the same program will have different program experiences based on the customized element of our offering. As a smaller organization, we offer a lot of flexibility with regards to program options, method of program fee payment, deadlines, and more.