Intern Abroad

In today’s globalized economy having an understanding of other cultures is essential to career advancement. Participating in an internship abroad is a practical and exciting opportunity to increase your workplace experience and develop invaluable skills working in a multi-cultural environment. Your EZC internship is customized to fit your needs from beginning to end. From the location, the length of time, and even the total number of intern hours, your needs as a student are the first thing EZC considers when pairing you with an internship.

But EZC takes it a step further. While on your program, you will attend seminars that are designed to help make your transition to your new culture and your future transition from school to the work world a bit easier to navigate. To further ensure a personalized experience, you will have meetings with professionals in your field, where you can ask questions, get tips, and perhaps learn of alternative routes into a field you hadn’t previously considered.

At the end of your day at your internship site, you will come home to housemates from other countries, not just American students. This is a unique and important aspect of the EZC program, enabling you to learn more about other cultures, further enhance your communication skills, and learn from people with different life experiences than you.

What’s included

⦁ Pre-Departure Orientation
⦁ Visa & Immigration Advising and support
⦁ Financial Advising
⦁ Custom Internship Placement
⦁ Housing
⦁ Airport Pick-up
⦁ On-site Orientation
⦁ Welcome Tour
⦁ On-site Staff Support
⦁ 24/7 Emergency Assistance
⦁ General Assistance and Travel Support

⦁ Welcome & Farewell Events
⦁ Live Life Abroad – EZC’s Authentic Social & Cultural Activities Program
⦁ Excursions and field trips
⦁ Health and Safety support
⦁ Advantage – Access to EZC’s Exclusive Program for returning students including free webinars, online resources and more focused on how to use your experience abroad to further your career development in the future

EZC Study Abroad

At EZC Study Abroad, we are all about offering choice, keeping program costs low, and advising students individually.
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