At EZC Study Abroad, we truly believe that an experience abroad should be accessible to everyone. In addition to offering multiple Program Payment Options, we strive to help students find funding wherever possible. Interning or studying abroad can be a great investment in your future career for many reasons but many students could use some help financially to make it happen.

Below you can find some funding options, scholarship information and special promotions that may help reduce the overall cost of your experience abroad. We are always on the lookout for innovative ways to help fund your experience, so if you have discovered another way to receive any funding, share it with us so we can continue to assist other students!

FAFSA Financial Aid

Always start with what you already have! You may be able to use your current financial aid, such as Pell Grant, student loans, or other funding towards your study abroad program. Your first stop should be your study abroad and/or financial aid office to learn if your current aid you receive through FAFSA can help pay your study abroad program fees. Not sure what questions to ask? Contact us and we can help guide you so you go into your meetings knowledgeable and confident.

Home Institution Funding

Many U.S. universities offer scholarships specifically for studying and/or interning abroad! You’ll need to speak with your study abroad or international office and check their website to see what scholarships may be available to you. Remember, pay attention to their deadlines!

EZC Study Abroad – Grants, Scholarships & Promotions

Flight Assistance – Will you be the first?

Be the first! First generation college students as well as first-time international travelers are strongly encouraged to apply for EZC’s Be the First Flight Assistance Award. Multiple flight vouchers ranging from $200 to $400 are available!
$200 – $400 Flight Voucher

Multiple awards are available each term. To qualify, a student must meet one of the following qualifications:

1. Be a first generation college student. (We define this as a student who has at least one parent who has not completed a four-year college degree at the time of application to study abroad.)
2. Be a first time international traveler. (This is a student who has never left the USA before.) 

To apply, students need to submit a short video essay (no more than three minutes long) to [email protected] that discusses the following:

  • Why is studying or interning abroad important to you?
  • Discuss your journey towards study/intern abroad. Are there any challenges you are working to overcome to make studying abroad possible? How will you overcome these challenges?
  • Why did you choose EZC Study Abroad, and why did you select your specific program?

The winning videos will be featured on the EZC Study Abroad website, YouTube channel, and shared on EZC Study Abroad social media. (All winners will need to sign an agreement granting EZC Study Abroad permission to post and share their video and agreeing to the rules of the scholarship.)
Selected students will receive a certificate in the mail with their individual voucher code after full program fee payment and/or agreement is complete. Flights must be booked using the site Students must make one social media post (options will be provided to winners) with #EZCabroad as a requirement of the scholarship.

Deadlines to Apply:

  • Summer Programs – March 1
  • Fall Programs – June 15
  • Spring Programs – October 15 

#LifeChanging – EZC Externship

#EZCAbroad wants to spread the word! Studying and doing internships abroad is a #lifechanging experience, and students shouldn’t just take our word for it. Students should rely on other students!

EZC offers select students the opportunity to complete a social media marketing externship during their program.
We are looking for social media gurus. If you cannot live without your phone, or if you know that making videos is a true art form, or if blogging is constantly making you procrastinate, you have a place here!

What is an externship? It’s a peek inside a career field; it’s a ‘getting your feet wet’ experience; it’s an opportunity to receive professional guidance.
What will I do? You will create social media posts that detail your experience abroad under the guidance of the EZC Marketing team. Your focus can be photography, video, or a vlog. You’ll create a specified amount of content for EZC’s social media and website, and your name along with EZC Study Abroad will be attached to your work. On average, you’ll likely spend approximately 10 hours during a summer program or 15 hours during a semester program creating content. You will also receive mandatory training prior to departure as well as attend two required one-hour sessions with EZC’s team during the program in order to gain professional insight into the fields of social media marketing and international education.

What skills/knowledge/equipment is required? Students doing photography and video should have their own equipment that allows them to create high-quality images. Students should have some sort of prior experience, which could include a previous internship, maintaining your own blog, creating your own videos, or have a major or minor focused on social media, marketing/advertising, public relations, or have a desire to go into the field of international education.

What’s in it for me? Glad you asked! After completing the externship at the end of the program, students who met all requirements will receive a $300 program fee discount, given to you either as cash (check or direct deposit) or a flight voucher for your next adventure – your choice! You will also have your contributions on EZC Study Abroad’s website and/or its social media platforms, YouTube channel, etc. This can be a great showcase for your resume!

How do I apply? Complete the #LifeChanging Externship application form by the appropriate deadline below:

  • Summer Programs – March 1
  • Fall Programs – June 15
  • Spring Programs – October 15 

#LifeChanging Externship Application

Non-EZC Scholarship Opportunities

There are other scholarship opportunities available to you! Check out the ones below to see if you qualify. Each scholarship has specific requirements, deadlines and preferences as to who is awarded the scholarship. While EZC can provide some guidance on your application to these scholarships, ultimately you should check with the organization offering the scholarship regarding any questions you may have.

If you plan to apply to any of these scholarships, please let us know!

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship (Open to Pell Grant recipients only)

The Gilman Scholarship is open to any student receiving a Pell Grant with the goal of increasing diversity  within study abroad. Diversity has a broad definition for the purpose of this scholarship. We strongly encourage all students who receive a Pell Grant to apply. If you are unsure what makes you unique from the rest of applicants, please talk to us! We want you to feel confident in your application to this prestigious scholarship!

Find the Cycle for which you should apply, and then be sure you start your application well before the application deadline as there are multiple parts to the application!

*If you apply for Cycle 1, for example, for a Summer 2024 program, and you do not receive the scholarship that round, you can apply again during Cycle 2 as long as you still meet the Gilman Scholarship eligibility requirements!

Fund for Education Abroad Scholarship

The Fund for Education Abroad (FEA) provides scholarships to students who are underrepresented among the USA study abroad population. FEA offers multiple awards for a broad range of students.  Students who are first generation college students, minority students, and community college students are especially encouraged to apply.  See the website for more details on eligibility.

Go Overseas Scholarships 

Go Overseas offers scholarships that change from time to time. Check the website for current scholarship opportunities and deadlines.

Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi 

This $1,000 Grant is open to students holding a 3.75 GPA or higher who are currently attending an institution with an active Phi Kappa Phi chapter. (The student does not need to personally be a member of the organization, just the student’s institution. If you are unsure if your school is a member, find out here.)

Scott’s Cheap Flights Scholarship

One $1,000 flight scholarship is offered for each Spring and Fall semester. Certain programs may not qualify for this award. Check the website to see if yours does!

Application Deadlines:

              Deadlines vary depending on when you will be abroad. See the website for details.


At EZC Study Abroad we are delighted to partner with FundMyTravel to offer you another way to help gather donations from family and friends for your experience abroad. With this easy-to-use online tool, you can crowdfund your program abroad and make it really simple for people to contribute. Check out all the details by clicking below and start funding your trip today! Tip: Write your potential donors a hand-written letter and mail it to them. While this may sound like the way your parents would have done this, that personal touch can often go a long way.

FundMyTravel - EZC Study Abroad