At EZC Study Abroad we truly believe that an experience abroad should be accessible to everyone and one of our aims is to help fund as many experiences as possible. We are currently working on developing a comprehensive EZC Study Abroad Scholarship Program which we hope to launch later this year.

Here below you can find some funding options, scholarship information and special offers to help reduce the overall cost of your experience abroad. We are always on the look out for innovative ways to help fund your experience so we welcome your ideas and suggestions!

If you would like to have an experience abroad but you are not sure how to fund it please reach out and we will aim to find a solution together!

Julia Lynes, CEO, EZC Study Abroad

[email protected]


EZC Study Abroad Inaugural Grant – Study Abroad at Sant’Anna Institute, Sorrento, Italy

Fall Semester 2018

Don’t miss out on this outstanding grant! For the first EZC Study Abroad student attending a semester abroad at Sant’Anna Institue in Sorrento, Italy you will receive a $2,000 grant towards the program fee.

Normal cost of the program: $14,180.00 (US credits included)

Cost with EZC Study Abroad Inaugural Grant: $12,180

Please see full program details here. Don’t miss out…this grant is available only to the first student from EZC Study Abroad participating in a semester abroad at Sant’Anna Institute, Sorrento, Italy!

Intern Abroad– Special Offer

Register before 31st of August 2018 for any of our Intern Abroad programs in 2019 and receive $200 off the program price!!


  • Pay $100 registration fee before 31st of August 2018 to lock in a $200 discount on the full program fee for any of our Intern Abroad programs
  • The $100 registration fee is always deducted from the Program Fee – it is not an extra fee
  • The $100 registration fee is fully refundable (we only deduct any bank charges applied) up to 31st December 2018 or 60 days in advance of the start of your internship placement so you can change your mind later this year if your plans for 2019 change

Check out our Intern Abroad programs here and proceed to Apply Now if you would like to register!


At EZC Study Abroad we are delighted to partner with FundMyTravel to offer you another way to help fund your experience abroad. With this easy to use online tool you can crowdfund your trip abroad and make it really simple for people to contribute. Check out all the details by clicking below and start funding your trip today!