Terms & Conditions

By submitting the above materials, I certify all items are original content created by me, and I did not copy any material. I understand if my submitted items are found to not be my own work, my application for the #LifeChanging externship will be disqualified. I have read the Participant Agreement and certify that all submitted content follows all behavioral rules and does not depict any behavior that would not be permitted while on the program. I also agree that any content produced as an externship participant must follow all program rules and will be screened by EZC Study Abroad prior to its publication.

Furthermore, by submitting my application I acknowledge that I am providing EZC Study Abroad full and complete ownership of any content I produce while participating on the #LifeChanging externship, and that I may not modify content after it is submitted to EZC Study Abroad nor sell my content to another entity. I understand that EZC Study Abroad may post my photos, videos, and/or blog posts to their website, YouTube account, social media accounts, or any other site that bears the EZC Study Abroad name for the purpose of promoting EZC Study Abroad programs. If I am selected for the externship, I give permission to EZC Study Abroad to share my participation in the #LIfeChanging externship with my home institution. I also acknowledge that if I am selected for the externship that my submission may be showcased on the EZC Study Abroad website along with my name, home institution, and program name, term, and location.

Finally, I agree to sign a release form agreeing to these conditions should I be selected for the externship.