Study Abroad Stories: American girl living in Florence

EZC Study Abroad
Date 08/11/2021

We just launched our new Intern Abroad Program in Florence, Italy. Check out the program here

  • What is your name?
    Amanda Johnson
  • Please write a short intro about yourself
    Hi! My name is Amanda and I relocated from Los Angeles to Firenze during Covid 19. I left my career in the US as a restaurant manager and moved to Italy to learn the language, culture and to teach English as a second language. I brought my small dog, Travis, with me and we are loving living a Firenze. Ciao!
  • Why study or intern abroad in Florence?
    I visited Firenze 11 years ago when I was a college student (the first time). I live the city and always dreamed of returning. Where better to study language than on Dante’s home turf?
  • Is Florence a safe place to study abroad (perhaps mention also some nice/cool neighborhood to hang out) ?
    I believe every city is safe if you know how to conduct yourself. As a female, I stay with a group at night, stay attentive and don’t drink io much. I’m from LA so I know how dangerous a city can be but Florence is an incredibly safe city in general. I like to hang out in Sant Ambrogio, Santo Spirito and anywhere Olrorano.
  • Cultural differences (food, family, work, etc..)
    Everything! That’s the beauty of living abroad. Not much looks familiar and it’s very exciting to explore the differences. There’s one huge negative though… the burocrazia. Get ready for confusing documents, long lines at the immigration office and seemingly ever changing regulations. It’s just a part of the deal.
  • A fun story to share
    I reconnected with a former partner here in Florence that I hadn’t spoken to in 10 years. We got back together and are soon celebrating our 1 year anniversary!
  • What to pack before travelling to Florence?
    Nothing. You can get it all here. Clothes are amazing, food is better and you can live with way less than you think.
  • Must do weekend trips (ie. in Tuscany, Rome, Milan, etc…)
    Capri, sardenia, the coast in general. I can’t offer much more since we’ve been mostly locked down since I arrived.
  • Any advice to the newcomers?
    Join the foreigners in Florence Facebook group for very useful info. Don’t be disrespectful and try to acclimate to the culture rather than stand out from it.

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