Study Abroad

Your EZC Study Abroad program is an opportunity for you to explore another area of the world. You will take classes with other local and/or international students, live like a local student, and be a part of student life at your host institution. EZC will help you further engage with your new surroundings by providing cultural activities and excursions. As an EZC student, you will also have the option to meet with a professional in your future career field to gain valuable insight into your future transition to the work world.

With EZC taking care of the basics such as housing, school enrollment, health insurance, coordinating your smooth arrival to your new city, and providing you 24/7 support, you are free to worry less and explore more.

What will your experience be like? Will you join an activity or club at your host institution? Will you volunteer with a local community organization? Will you participate in an internship as part of your study program? Will you take a unique class not offered at your American university? Will you travel independently on the weekends? There are so many ways to make your experience your own, and EZC is with you along the way to help you make your experience truly unique